XP Conference India 2016 completed successfully

This weekend saw 150 developers come together in Bangalore, India, at XP Conference India 2016. The conference is focused on raising awareness about Clean Code and Extreme Programming practices that help build software faster, and better.

Enthusiastic participation from our attendees representing different organizations such as ThoughtWorks, Societe Generale, GE Healthcare,Veritas, Fidelity, etc. has proven that the Indian Software Community is keen on learning methods and mastering practices that enable iterative and incremental product development of products that the market wants to use.

Indian Software development community is challenged with some fundamental issues.

First is the lack of focus on quality. India is a popular destination for offshore development. Indian SW community builds upon this advantage by focusing on keeping the costs low such that more and more work is outsourced to India. This in turn has resulted in the world building a perception that India is only for cheap work. Foreign companies are shipping unwanted or unimportant work to India while keeping the tier-1 support and key product development to themselves or out of India.

Second issue is that being a developer in India is not a long-term career option. An average timeline for a developer in India is 4 to 6 years. And then they get promoted to become a manager gradually losing touch with core development practices. The fact of the matter is that it takes at least 8 to 9 years to learn and then master these software engineering practices.

XP Conference India strives to bring attention to engineering practices that are essential for high quality software development. The conference showcased experiential talks and hands-on workshops around popular themes such as Continues Integration, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Behaviour Driven development and many more.

The sold-out conference has been encouraging and organizers are gearing up for yet another edition of the conference next year.

This conference is an initiative by SolutionsIQ a premier Agile Consulting, Software Development and Engineering firm based out of Seattle and Bangalore India.

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