Testing your infrastructure is as important as testing your application code


Yahya Poonawala and Siddharth Kulkarni through this post share the importance of infrastructure testing, and their topic “Do DevOps like Lance Armstrong!”.

The pricing aspect

The cost of a bug, or of introducing structural inflexibility to the underpinning infrastructure on which your business runs, is potentially even greater than that of a bug in the application code itself. An error in the infrastructure could lead to the entire system becoming compromised or could result in an outage rendering all dependent systems unavailable. And that is why testing your infrastructure is as important as testing your application code.

What is Testing?

Testing is the hallmark of product quality.  Without a testing sign-off, no feature would be promoted to higher environments.  Shouldn’t this apply to the infrastructure as well? To check if your environment is capable and stable to host and test your application.

Why sholud you attend?

The talk aims to discuss and demonstrate concepts of why testing your infrastructure is important, what does it involve and how it can be done. Also, certain tools and techniques for achieving the same will be discussed.

The talk is accompanied with an exciting group activity which will help us deep-dive into what exactly needs to be tested in the infrastructure.

Join Yahya Poonawala and Siddharth Kulkarni talk on “Do DevOps like Lance Amstrong!” at XP Conference India 2016 on the 19th-20th August 2016 at Bangalore.

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