Co-founder, Entrepreneur SolutionsIQ India @ SolutionsIQ

– I like to be known as an Entrepreneur, Avid Learner, Teacher and a Trustworthy, Result Driven Leader.
– I like to create and consult organizations that are known for the concept – POWERED BY PEOPLE” .

My journey in Agile started in 1996 with a railroad automation project in Florida. Since then its been Agile all way. I have learned all I have so far by doing these Agile practices over the years.

– I work for SolutionsIQ a Premier Agile Management Consultancy since 2006. I am the co-owner at SolutionsIQ India Consulting Services which I started in 2010 from a small office to serving more than 100 customers in India region in Agile Management and Technology Consulting.

Our Purpose is to HELP CUSTOMERS STAY AHEAD, INNOVATE, AND OUTPERFORM COMPETITION. Our team provides the whole stack of Agile Consulting and Technology Consulting in DevOps, Continuous Delivery etc. Learn more about us at and

I work with leadership in Fortune companies to help them design and create high performing organizations.

I teach and speak at conferences on Scrum, Kanban, Agile Leadership, Test Driven Development, Agile For Teams etc., to teams in US and India. So far this is more than 5000 people. Dozens of organizations. I teach as Scrum as a CST from ScrumAlliance. I am most satisfied when someone I taught years ago, stops by to share how they are succeeding even today.

I am an Agile Practitioner who started with Extreme Programming since 1997, Scrum from 2006, Kanban, Leadership coaching, Organizational Agility, Lean Startup etc over the last many years.

Prior to coming to SolutionsIQ, I was part of another people-driven organization called Spiderlogic where we prescribed to the mindset of “Architects who Code, Coders who Architect”. We started this as a 4 member organization and today its much larger.

Go For It, Be Agile. .