XP Conference India 2016 completed successfully

This weekend saw 150 developers come together in Bangalore, India, at XP Conference India 2016. The conference is focused on raising awareness about Clean Code and Extreme Programming practices that help build software faster, and better.

Enthusiastic participation from our attendees representing different organizations such as ThoughtWorks, Societe Generale, GE Healthcare,Veritas, Fidelity, etc. has proven that the Indian Software Community is keen on learning methods and mastering practices that enable iterative and incremental product development of products that the market wants to use.

Indian Software development community is challenged with some fundamental issues.

First is the lack of focus on quality. India is a popular destination for offshore development. Indian SW community builds upon this advantage by focusing on keeping the costs low such that more and more work is outsourced to India. This in turn has resulted in the world building a perception that India is only for cheap work. Foreign companies are shipping unwanted or unimportant work to India while keeping the tier-1 support and key product development to themselves or out of India.

Second issue is that being a developer in India is not a long-term career option. An average timeline for a developer in India is 4 to 6 years. And then they get promoted to become a manager gradually losing touch with core development practices. The fact of the matter is that it takes at least 8 to 9 years to learn and then master these software engineering practices.

XP Conference India strives to bring attention to engineering practices that are essential for high quality software development. The conference showcased experiential talks and hands-on workshops around popular themes such as Continues Integration, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Behaviour Driven development and many more.

The sold-out conference has been encouraging and organizers are gearing up for yet another edition of the conference next year.

This conference is an initiative by SolutionsIQ a premier Agile Consulting, Software Development and Engineering firm based out of Seattle and Bangalore India.

To know more about the event log on to:

Testing your infrastructure is as important as testing your application code


Yahya Poonawala and Siddharth Kulkarni through this post share the importance of infrastructure testing, and their topic “Do DevOps like Lance Armstrong!”.

The pricing aspect

The cost of a bug, or of introducing structural inflexibility to the underpinning infrastructure on which your business runs, is potentially even greater than that of a bug in the application code itself. An error in the infrastructure could lead to the entire system becoming compromised or could result in an outage rendering all dependent systems unavailable. And that is why testing your infrastructure is as important as testing your application code.

What is Testing?

Testing is the hallmark of product quality.  Without a testing sign-off, no feature would be promoted to higher environments.  Shouldn’t this apply to the infrastructure as well? To check if your environment is capable and stable to host and test your application.

Why sholud you attend?

The talk aims to discuss and demonstrate concepts of why testing your infrastructure is important, what does it involve and how it can be done. Also, certain tools and techniques for achieving the same will be discussed.

The talk is accompanied with an exciting group activity which will help us deep-dive into what exactly needs to be tested in the infrastructure.

Join Yahya Poonawala and Siddharth Kulkarni talk on “Do DevOps like Lance Amstrong!” at XP Conference India 2016 on the 19th-20th August 2016 at Bangalore.

Why should you send developers to XP Conference India?

XPConference India 2016 is hardly a month away.If you are an engineering manager or director who has developers working in their group, try to answer these questions.

  • Do you know if your developers know how to write Zero Defect Well tested software?
  • Do they know how to write unit tests at all layers of software?
  • Do they work as one team to delivery clean code?
  • Do they know what clean code means?

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.35.48 PMMore than 60 percent of the cost in a product is not in building it, but in its maintenance. We also have to keep adding new features to an ever growing code base. This problem becomes only worse when you have hundreds of people working on a common code base.  XP Conference focuses mostly on one thing – Clean Code and Extreme Programming Practices.

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship was a book written by Robert Martin many years ago. Folks like Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas who is the author of the wonderful book Pragmatic Programer , Dr Venkat Subramaniam have been talking about these concepts for decades. However new developers are created every year who come from engineering schools where none of these concepts are taught that well.

This conference focuses on –How to be a professional developer or tester.  

Two days of keyboard driven sessions are broadly into three categories

Listen, See ,Practice

There are three tracks for two days. Totally there are more than a dozen topics to learn from, 9 workshops and a large DevJam session to put everything into practice.

Speakers are all active developers or leaders who actually work daily with developers. One can’t go wrong spending two days with developers who love to code well.

Meet the practitioners announced so far – http://xpconference.in/2016/speakers/

What is my return in this conference?

As a manager or L&D manager, you will benefit by teaching developers skills that they gain by interacting with experts who have been practicing for many years. Each session has been carefully chosen to make sure they are relevant for our attendees and the work they do.

Attendees can learn skills like TDD, Refactoring, Continuous Delivery, DevOps , BDD etc. under one roof. Each of these workshops otherwise would cost hundreds of dollars to attend.

Why am I paying INR 12000/- per person? 

XP Conference is an event for the community and curated by the community. There is not profit making objective behind it nor is it a marketing or sales event. However, we still do incur certain costs to run such an event. While the cost of each workshop itself itself could run into hundreds on dollars or more than INR 20000/-, you get so much more by just helping us cover the costs. If you are not sure ask our last year’s participants who coded in joy for two days.

Reach us at contact@xpconference.in for any question we can answer.



India’s first XP Conference, which is an International Conference on XP Methods, hosted by Volunteers and the community at large, witnessed an audience of technology enthusiasts that included industry experts, seasoned developers and practitioners on agile and XP software development methodologies.

The mission of the XP conference in India is to further the state of coding, design and testing for software development by providing a forum where software developers can share and learn about practices such as XP, Clean Code and Continuous Delivery and many such themes.

As expected the journey of the XP Conference India began with considerable excitement, with a full house of 180+ attendees from 50+ MNC organizations including Honeywell, Society Generele, Cisco, Intuit, Hitachi, Mindtree, ABB, TCS, Valtech, Brady Corp, Infosys and many more, and twenty-odd awesome speakers, handpicked by a panel of subject matter experts. The talks, workshops and discussions were on and around Clean Code, Refactoring, Code Smells, Continuous Delivery, TDD, BDD and other coding and design practices used by Agile Teams.

The atmosphere was electric and what made it even better was the energy and enthusiasm of the participants who flocked from different parts of the country just to be part of this clean code extravaganza.

Day-1 took off with a keynote by John Rudd, President – SolutionsIQ Inc. on the future of Software development and how XP can help Developers thrive. The first half of the day had talks presented by our speakers. Rest of the day was well spent on keyboard driven coding workshops on Node.js, J2EE and Dot.Net; happening simultaneously on three different tracks. The day was wrapped up with a common demo session on the learnings from the three workshops.

Day-2 carried interesting talks and keyboard based demos and discussions on varied topics around  the event’s theme Clean code to Continuous Delivery. You can find the full agenda in the Schedule page with all the talks and sessions covered during the two days. The last session of the event was a panel discussion with guest speakers who represented Top Management, Development Teams and Human Resources departments. The  very unusual topic – ‘I’m a developer, I’m not getting married!’, unfolded in front of a curious crowd; it explored the cultural and management aspects that influence a developer and the overall organization.

The two-day affair ends with a retrospective session on the takeaways & learnings from the event and a promise to come back next year in an even bigger and better avatar!


I am a developer and I write Crappy Code

August 7,8 Bangalore India.

Five days to go for Clean Code Summit in India . We are excited for those developers who took the bold step to sign up for this Code Conference called XPConference.

In India if the conference is a project manager or leadership we can fill these conferences to its full.

For a country where bulk of work is software development, for a country that there are thousands of developers who write untestable non  maintainable software , I find it hard that developers and their managers find it not useful to come and spent 60 dollars a day for two days and learn and share about a simple thing – “Write Clean Code”

I also feel sad to see that Developers don’t feel they need to invest in themselves. It takes a lot of effort on part of the community, speakers to put together a community not for profit event. But we have had a tough time selling this idea to companies.

Managers have been calling and asking for free pass. There are four awesome workshops , 14 plus talks using keyboard,  on clean code and continuous delivery topics. Here is the complete Agenda



I remember Dr Venkatsubramanian asking once in a conference “How many of you write crappy code” I remember may be one hand going up out of 300 in the room.

Next question he asked how many of you think other developers write crappy code and almost all of the hands went up.

Here is an event only for those developers who want to write clean maintainable  software. It is for you. Hoping you will register and be there.

There are around 30 to 40 seats left. Go to the registration site . The next conference is happening again only after one more year. Don’t miss. Write clean code. 

Managers – pl approve this . You will probably gain back thousands of dollars by spending a very small amount.

http://xpconference-india.doattend.com .


How good a Agile Coach are You? Find out here

August 7th, 8th Bangalore India. 

In two weeks India’s first XP Conference is happening. As we get ready with the event which seems to be an exciting one, one category of folks who have not registered are Agile Coaches. 

This post is to educate the Agile Coaches why they should be here. Here are 10 reasons.

1) This is a Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance sponsored conference.

2) Its about developers and how you can enable them to write better code.

3) Most agile coaches are process only and they fall short of helping developers.

4) There are at least 15 sessions here on continuous delivery to Clean Code.

5) Technical Agile Coaching is really tough, and this conference enables you to get the skills

6) Scrum and Kanban alone cannot create a high performance software team. Most Software teams are really good at XP Practices.

7) If you need a safe place to learn refactoring, TDD, CI etc, 200 USD and two days will do it.

8) You will meet other awesome technical agile coaches here.

9) You will get to share your ideas and probably can learn more about where you stand in the industry as an Agile Coach.

10) Bring the team you are coaching and spend two days immersing them into learning how to do Clean Code and continuous delivery.
Register now. Send email to contact@xpconference.in for personalized Coach/team discounts.


Submissions Are Now Open At XPConference India.

OK It is time. Submissions are now open for XPConference.

SUBMISSIONS CLOSES: Last date for submitting proposals: May 31st (extended to 15th June 2015)

With a theme of – “From Clean Code to Continuous Delivery” – the conference this year will focus on experiential workshops and demo based talks that demonstrate practices.

The sessions must be keyboard driven and must be one of the following two kinds.
1) Something you show to others
2) Something you have others participate with you.

There will be a GIT repo set up for you to pull code from and have others participate with you.

This conference is modeled around XPConference.org the Europe based XP Conference happening for more than a decade.

There are roughly 18 sessions or clinics that we can do. As the topics come along, the selection will happen basis peer reviews.

What should you submit?

1) Any topic that demonstrate clean code or continuous delivery.
2) Things like code smells and design smells
3) End to end product development on the cloud for PAAS
4) Test Driven Development in C for embedded software
5) Branching Strategies that help Continuous Delivery
6) Tools for building continuously for Heroku, Amazon EC2, Cloudfoundry
7) Test Driving Micro Services
8) Tools like Docker for building on the cloud

How should a session be?

The goal of the session is simple:

  • Interactive
  • Enable Concrete learning
  • Create Actionable Outcomes
  • Bring in lots of fun!

Spread the word and participate.

Why Speak?

  • One of its kind in India – While there are already a number of conferences in India that cater to general Agile and Scrum practices, there are few very few specific to Extreme Programming practices which impact everything a developer does.
  • Global stage – XP Conference is a fantastic opportunity to share your technology practice and experience on a truly global stage with over 200 members
  • Foster individual learning and collective advancement with disruptive ways of working and practices that shape the technology of future

International Conference on XP and Clean Coding Practices.

Delivering value: From Clean Code to Continuous Value Delivery
The International Conference on XP Methods, hosted by Volunteers and the community at large , gathers together an international audience of industrial experts and academics on agile and XP software development and is modeled around XP Conference happening in Europe for more than a decade

The mission of the XP conference in India to further the state of Coding and design and testing for software development by providing a forum at which experts and novices from industry can meet and learn from each other.

Importance of practical – Keyboard driven submissons

We are receiving a number of talk related submissions. This conference is about clean codshowmethecodee to continuous delivery. There are two categories of presentations or workshop you can do.

1) Self driven – You use your keyboard to show something

2) Participant Driven –  You also involve the audience in learning by letting them participate in a workshop style. In this version the person driving the main keyboard is allowing for all the participants to learn with them and do something along. You may want to put the code online or in a network drive available to all on conference day.

Think about the main areas or key points that you want to leave the participants with and drive your workshop around that message. Don’t over to the sessions.

“Show me the code– Linus Travolds. ” should be the focus of what you do. If you do not have something to show that is not a code sample or some artifact like a build file then you are missing the point of the conference.

If you are using powerpoint you are completely missing the point of the conference.