Why should you send developers to XP Conference India?

XPConference India 2016 is hardly a month away.If you are an engineering manager or director who has developers working in their group, try to answer these questions.

  • Do you know if your developers know how to write Zero Defect Well tested software?
  • Do they know how to write unit tests at all layers of software?
  • Do they work as one team to delivery clean code?
  • Do they know what clean code means?

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.35.48 PMMore than 60 percent of the cost in a product is not in building it, but in its maintenance. We also have to keep adding new features to an ever growing code base. This problem becomes only worse when you have hundreds of people working on a common code base.  XP Conference focuses mostly on one thing – Clean Code and Extreme Programming Practices.

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship was a book written by Robert Martin many years ago. Folks like Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas who is the author of the wonderful book Pragmatic Programer , Dr Venkat Subramaniam have been talking about these concepts for decades. However new developers are created every year who come from engineering schools where none of these concepts are taught that well.

This conference focuses on –How to be a professional developer or tester.  

Two days of keyboard driven sessions are broadly into three categories

Listen, See ,Practice

There are three tracks for two days. Totally there are more than a dozen topics to learn from, 9 workshops and a large DevJam session to put everything into practice.

Speakers are all active developers or leaders who actually work daily with developers. One can’t go wrong spending two days with developers who love to code well.

Meet the practitioners announced so far – http://xpconference.in/2016/speakers/

What is my return in this conference?

As a manager or L&D manager, you will benefit by teaching developers skills that they gain by interacting with experts who have been practicing for many years. Each session has been carefully chosen to make sure they are relevant for our attendees and the work they do.

Attendees can learn skills like TDD, Refactoring, Continuous Delivery, DevOps , BDD etc. under one roof. Each of these workshops otherwise would cost hundreds of dollars to attend.

Why am I paying INR 12000/- per person? 

XP Conference is an event for the community and curated by the community. There is not profit making objective behind it nor is it a marketing or sales event. However, we still do incur certain costs to run such an event. While the cost of each workshop itself itself could run into hundreds on dollars or more than INR 20000/-, you get so much more by just helping us cover the costs. If you are not sure ask our last year’s participants who coded in joy for two days.

Reach us at contact@xpconference.in for any question we can answer.

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