Submission Guidelines XP Conference India 2016

Deadline for Speaking Proposal Submissions

The final deadline to submit a speaking proposal for XP Conference India is May 25, 2016. We begin building the schedule as great topics come in, submitting your proposal early may give you a better chance of being chosen.


At the conference we would like to see demonstrations and talks of technical flavors. We have done away this year with the hard and fast rule of having speakers present only around a set of specific themes. And instead we encourage and invite any promising topic related to agile processes and software development practices and tools of “Moving from Cyclic to Continuous Value Delivery.” Just to get you thinking, your topics could be around:

  • Extreme Programming
  • DevOps
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Clean Code
  • Agile Testing Practices
  • Unit testing for various Systems/Frameworks
  • Refactoring
  • Simple Design Techniques
  • Tools and Apps and Techniques

You can propose any other practice you could be interested in. Topics that include a keyboard based demonstrations will be preferred. Only talks are welcome too but will be less preferred.

Hands-on Keyboard driven sessions, Interactive demo based presentations are Preferred

Our feedback from attendees in last year’s XP Conference India indicates high interest in interactive sessions and workshops and talks that help them learn something new. Our intent this year will be hence to bring more such sessions that deliver the best learning experience possible for attendees. Our blog what does the program team look for in a submission gives insights to making a stellar submission.

Who can make a submission?

The answer is anyone with the depth of experience and technical competency necessary to deliver cutting edge presentations and answer detailed attendee questions about the presentation topic.

When submitting a session proposal please do indicate your experience and interest areas.

Session Style & Format

A session could be of 30, 45 or of 60 minutes or for half/full for Workshops depending upon the nature and content of a topic. Throughout the two days there will be an open jam area for informal learning where you can announce topics on the spot and can share with participants. Speakers must arrive at the designated location for their session at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session time in order to setup and prepare prior to the scheduled start time.

Slides MUST include the XP Conference India logo in the footer. Please do plan for time to share your slides at least two weeks before the event to provision advance review of slides and incorporating edits upon request.

Avoid pitching yourself, your company or your product

XP Conference India is interested in sessions with informative, thought provoking and cutting edge content that keeps the audience engaged and interested. Speaking at XP Conference India is an excellent opportunity to build awareness and credibility for you and your organization. Delivering a hard sell or product pitch in a conference session is frowned upon and highly discouraged for the benefit of our attendees and you, the speaker.

Ask the Speaker

This year we are offering ask the speaker gatherings on the exhibition floor. Part of speaking at XP Conference India will include making yourself available for one of these gatherings, an additional 1 hour time commitment is highly recommended

Video and/or Audio Recording

Sessions may be video and/or audio recorded for use following the show. Speakers agree by submitting and delivering a presentation to allow and assign non-exclusive rights to XP Conference India  to capture, distribute, reproduce, and/or make available (including but not limited to paper or electronic format) their presentations without license or liability

Cross Promotion

Speakers are encouraged, for mutual benefit and as reasonably appropriate, to promote XP Conference India , and specifically their session, through available communication channels. This includes but is not limited to company blog, Twitter , LinkedIn, FaceBook and company newsletters.

Speakers have the option to provide one blog post of 400 – 500 words for the purpose of promoting their session on the XP Conference blog. The blog post may contain a brief speaker bio of 50 words or less.

Co Speaker and Substitution Policy

You as a speaker are allowed to introduce a co-speaker/presenter for your session. You must indicate the same in your submission along with a bio on her/him. Speaker substitutions are generally not a great idea and hence not allowed. XP Conference India reserves the right to refuse to accept an alternative speaker and pursue other interested parties to present the topic at its sole discretion.

Session Content & Competitive Conflicts

XP Conference India strives to interesting and relevant session content at each XP Conference India event. You are encouraged to keep reuse of old content or previous session topics to minimum. If you propose a topic that you had presented earlier, please ensure and indicate that the topic was well received and had created a buzz enough to repeat it.

Important Dates

The last date to make a speaking proposal for XP Conference India is May 25, 2016.

Intimation of selection will be made between June 15 and June 25, 2016

Reviews and Edits (if any) of content to happen after the intimation of selection

Final agenda to be published by June 30, 2016

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