The Craft of Business Friendly Design

Workshop Host: Ranjith Tharayil


An introductory workshop on Domain Driven Design.

Even if we could produce completely bug-free software, that does not necessarily mean that the software design is of great quality, and if the software design does not reflect your business domain, your system might be a bit too rigid to change in alignment with your business agility, witch intern means that reaching a bug-free state in future could be a bit too challenging.

Learning Objectives:

  1. This is an introductory workshop on Domain Driven Design (DDD), saying so we will be going beyond the theory of DDD and see how teams can actually embrace it by modelling software that is business friendly
  2. Emphasis is placed on software development as a craft by embracing best practices of design in source code that works within the framework of agile processes
  3. The event is best for senior and mid-level software developers and architects interested in software craftsmanship and anyone who wants to start learning domain modelling using the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach