Building a Serverless Application

Workshop HostVinay Krishna

Software & Installation Pre-requisites:

Participants attending this workshop should have an account with AWS


Most of us these days develop applications and deploy them on servers, either on-premises or in the cloud. We need to plan well ahead in time as to how much server, storage and database we need. We also need to plan for deploying all the hardware and software necessary to run the application.

The question here is, if is it possible to avoid all this planning? Are we looking for a new model that can handle all the underlying infrastructure deployment for us?

Learning Objectives:

Learn about serverless architecture and build a small serverless application

Software Needed for this Workshop:

Participants should know Java, Node.js or Python and should have AWS account. The session will cover both Function as a Service (FaaS) and Back end as a Service(BaaS).