Submissions Are Now Open At XPConference India.

OK It is time. Submissions are now open for XPConference.

SUBMISSIONS CLOSES: Last date for submitting proposals: May 31st (extended to 15th June 2015)

With a theme of – “From Clean Code to Continuous Delivery” – the conference this year will focus on experiential workshops and demo based talks that demonstrate practices.

The sessions must be keyboard driven and must be one of the following two kinds.
1) Something you show to others
2) Something you have others participate with you.

There will be a GIT repo set up for you to pull code from and have others participate with you.

This conference is modeled around the Europe based XP Conference happening for more than a decade.

There are roughly 18 sessions or clinics that we can do. As the topics come along, the selection will happen basis peer reviews.

What should you submit?

1) Any topic that demonstrate clean code or continuous delivery.
2) Things like code smells and design smells
3) End to end product development on the cloud for PAAS
4) Test Driven Development in C for embedded software
5) Branching Strategies that help Continuous Delivery
6) Tools for building continuously for Heroku, Amazon EC2, Cloudfoundry
7) Test Driving Micro Services
8) Tools like Docker for building on the cloud

How should a session be?

The goal of the session is simple:

  • Interactive
  • Enable Concrete learning
  • Create Actionable Outcomes
  • Bring in lots of fun!

Spread the word and participate.

Why Speak?

  • One of its kind in India – While there are already a number of conferences in India that cater to general Agile and Scrum practices, there are few very few specific to Extreme Programming practices which impact everything a developer does.
  • Global stage – XP Conference is a fantastic opportunity to share your technology practice and experience on a truly global stage with over 200 members
  • Foster individual learning and collective advancement with disruptive ways of working and practices that shape the technology of future

International Conference on XP and Clean Coding Practices.

Delivering value: From Clean Code to Continuous Value Delivery
The International Conference on XP Methods, hosted by Volunteers and the community at large , gathers together an international audience of industrial experts and academics on agile and XP software development and is modeled around XP Conference happening in Europe for more than a decade

The mission of the XP conference in India to further the state of Coding and design and testing for software development by providing a forum at which experts and novices from industry can meet and learn from each other.

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