Vivek Ganesan

Vivek Ganesan is an agile advocate and a data science enthusiast, working as a Scrum Master / Lead Software Engineer at Gainsight,Hyderabad. His day-in, day-out job is to be a servant leader of an awesome self-organizing team and also to write code that can help Gainsight’s Salesforce1 application to process and analyze data of huge volumes.

Vivek has more than five years of experience in the software industry and is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) too. He was a featured speaker at JavaOne India, 2013. He was an invited speaker at Dreamforce 2014, a conference conducted by Salesforce. He was also a speaker at Agile India 2015, an international agile conference held at Bangalore.

Vivek likes to read books about sociology and fiction in his free time and volunteers his time for a Men’s community center at Hyderabad, India.