Importance of practical – Keyboard driven submissons

We are receiving a number of talk related submissions. This conference is about clean codshowmethecodee to continuous delivery. There are two categories of presentations or workshop you can do.

1) Self driven – You use your keyboard to show something

2) Participant Driven –  You also involve the audience in learning by letting them participate in a workshop style. In this version the person driving the main keyboard is allowing for all the participants to learn with them and do something along. You may want to put the code online or in a network drive available to all on conference day.

Think about the main areas or key points that you want to leave the participants with and drive your workshop around that message. Don’t over to the sessions.

“Show me the code– Linus Travolds. ” should be the focus of what you do. If you do not have something to show that is not a code sample or some artifact like a build file then you are missing the point of the conference.

If you are using powerpoint you are completely missing the point of the conference.



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