Journey with XP: A Case Study in Embedded Domain

Presenter Pradeep Kumar NR


The journey with XP has been part of my life since 2 yrs. In 3 major accounts in my company we took up this journey, with one completing successfully, one utterly failing and the third one in the path of break through. Through this talk I want to share my learning on.
1. What we did?
2. How we did?
3. What went right with us?
4. What went wrong with us?
5. Technical challenges and people mind set issues
6. How we succeeded?
7. How we failed?
8. What we did when we failed?
9. What we did when we got success?
This talk also unfolds some aspects of how to adopt XP in embedded space with multiple layers involved and there is a dependency on hardware.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Teams or organizations who are in the same journey with XP can get what to do? and what not to do? from us
  2. Teams working in embedded space will know how XP can be adopted where lot of layers have to be dealt with, while developing