Feature Toggle – What Why and How

Presenter/ Workshop Host: Kalpna Prakash


For most of the developers, using a source control has been programmed in their DNA and when working with cross geographic multi member teams, the code is ever changing. The biggest problem that we used to face in this situation should be called “Merge Hell”.
Every time, when we are almost done and ready to merge it we see a huge set of changes done on the trunk by others and the merging it all with our branch…phew! It is a big time consuming job… and the bigger the team, more worse it is!!!
So all this while we would wish if we could have a merge free world…..and there is something that is called “Trunk Based Development”.
Though this exploration started as a way to manage the Merge Hell, we tried figuring out what to do with stories that last for a relatively longer time. And then we worked on something called Feature Toggles. This is basically a technique that allows me to “switch on” or “switch off” features of a product. So till the time the entire story is ready to be released the feature is marked as “switched off”. So though everything that is being developed is in the trunk but it is not visible and is not executed till the time it is “switched on”.
There is a lot more to feature toggles and this session will allow you to think away from the conventional approach of Branching and Merging and move towards CI/CD efficiently.

This will all be done via a code walk through that explains the technical aspect of the session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding of feature toggle and how we can use it.
  2. Understanding when and when not to use this feature and how this adds value and makes for a “lean” the development cycle.