Bashing Cultural Monsters in Continuous Integration

Presenter: Vivek Ganesan


Does your organization frown upon “Build Breakers”? Does your team spend a lot of time fixing integration issues in CI? Do you see a lot of “Who broke the build now?” emails? Do your team members hesitate to commit their code for the fear of causing a build failure?

Continuous Integration is a powerful way to identify and eliminate certain risks, particularly when multiple teams are rallying towards a planned release. Even if you are not working on a planned release, Continuous Integration will help you to cut-out a release sooner than you would if you did not have CI.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding of what CI is and what is not
  2. What cultural aspects affect the effectiveness of CI
  3. Measures to look out for while adopting CI

If you wish to know what you can do to make the situation better, this session is for you.