How good a Agile Coach are You? Find out here

August 7th, 8th Bangalore India. 

In two weeks India’s first XP Conference is happening. As we get ready with the event which seems to be an exciting one, one category of folks who have not registered are Agile Coaches. 

This post is to educate the Agile Coaches why they should be here. Here are 10 reasons.

1) This is a Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance sponsored conference.

2) Its about developers and how you can enable them to write better code.

3) Most agile coaches are process only and they fall short of helping developers.

4) There are at least 15 sessions here on continuous delivery to Clean Code.

5) Technical Agile Coaching is really tough, and this conference enables you to get the skills

6) Scrum and Kanban alone cannot create a high performance software team. Most Software teams are really good at XP Practices.

7) If you need a safe place to learn refactoring, TDD, CI etc, 200 USD and two days will do it.

8) You will meet other awesome technical agile coaches here.

9) You will get to share your ideas and probably can learn more about where you stand in the industry as an Agile Coach.

10) Bring the team you are coaching and spend two days immersing them into learning how to do Clean Code and continuous delivery.
Register now. Send email to for personalized Coach/team discounts.


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