About Us

International Conference on XP and Clean Coding Practices. 

Delivering value: From Clean Code to Continuous Value Delivery
The International Conference on XP Methods, hosted by Volunteers and the community at large , gathers together an international audience of industrial experts and academics on agile and XP software development.

The mission of the XP conference in India to further the state of Coding and design and testing for software development by providing a forum at which experts and novices from industry can meet and learn from each other.

For whom?
XPConference India is the place to meet like-minded agilists and share your latest insights. The conference is intended for both novice and experienced Agile practitioners, and provides a unique forum for these groups to meet and interact. You should attend if you
| You are a Developer/Coder/Tester
| You are DevOps
| You are a CTO
| You are a team following Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment strategy
| You want to learn and adapt to new ways of Coding

Why participate?
| To learn Clean Code Practices that lead you to continuous delivery.
| To meet enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleagues interested in learning from your experiences.
| To participate in hands on workshops on Clean Coding and Continuous Delivery

Delivering value
The theme of the conference, “Clean Code” refers to the fact that many companies using any software development in the end have to depend a lot on the quality of their code –

Is the software high quality? Does it have less defects, is it clean and with less technical debt?Are we ready software continuous delivery? XP India Conference is staying focussed on creating a forum for learning, sharing and improving various aspects of coding, development cycles, new practices and culture.

Event Tracks

Clean Code Workshops and Industry And Practice

Clean Code Workshops will be full day or Half day workshops by experts. We are inviting top of the line experts to conduct the workshops.

The Industry And Practice Track looks at practices of Professional Developers that make software easy to maintain and in a health state.