I am a developer and I write Crappy Code


August 7,8 Bangalore India.

Five days to go for Clean Code Summit in India . We are excited for those developers who took the bold step to sign up for this Code Conference called XPConference.

In India if the conference is a project manager or leadership we can fill these conferences to its full.

For a country where bulk of work is software development, for a country that there are thousands of developers who write untestable non  maintainable software , I find it hard that developers and their managers find it not useful to come and spent 60 dollars a day for two days and learn and share about a simple thing – “Write Clean Code”

I also feel sad to see that Developers don’t feel they need to invest in themselves. It takes a lot of effort on part of the community, speakers to put together a community not for profit event. But we have had a tough time selling this idea to companies.

Managers have been calling and asking for free pass. There are four awesome workshops , 14 plus talks using keyboard,  on clean code and continuous delivery topics. Here is the complete Agenda



I remember Dr Venkatsubramanian asking once in a conference “How many of you write crappy code” I remember may be one hand going up out of 300 in the room.

Next question he asked how many of you think other developers write crappy code and almost all of the hands went up.

Here is an event only for those developers who want to write clean maintainable  software. It is for you. Hoping you will register and be there.

There are around 30 to 40 seats left. Go to the registration site . The next conference is happening again only after one more year. Don’t miss. Write clean code. 

Managers – pl approve this . You will probably gain back thousands of dollars by spending a very small amount.

http://xpconference-india.doattend.com .


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